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About me

My task as coach is to help you develop and maintain positive feelings, thoughts and behavior to be able to reach important personal goals and/or career-wise goals.
I got a master degree in social work, and further eduction in personell management, coaching and self-management. I got 10 years experience within guidance, counseling and management.
I work strategically and purposefully so that you can reach your specific personal or career goals.

The coaching is based on your resources, knowledge, experience, values ​​and qualities.

Career coaching
Career coaching can help you with career development and achieve good results.
Do you want a new job?
Change direction in your career?
Further develop in your job?
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Life coaching
For you who want professional help to achieve personal goals.
What do you want to get out of your life?
What do you need to realize your dreams?
How can you overcome obstacles?
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People who have got a new spark!

We all need a little push in the right direction, and Ifrah made me realize how important it is to constantly challenge ourselves. I look back on the coaching hours with Ifrah as an uplifting chapter in my life, which I did not realize I needed.

Lena 25 years

I stood still for a long time in the same workplace. After the coaching hours with Ifrah, I was motivated to set new goals and reinvent myself again.

Mari 40 years

When I got in touch with Ifrah, she helped me sort out my options. I gained new perspectives, and the pleasure of exploring new areas of myself.

Janjeera 32 years

Wondering how coaching can help you and your development?

Career Life Coaching can work with you in the following ways:

Face to face
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